Maybe being right isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

At Quest, we try to be more a marketplace of ideas than a provider of spiritual goods & services. We consider it a core value that we spend more time equipping people to think for themselves than we do telling people what to think. Below, you will see some of the things we teach and some of the things we value, but even if you disagree with us, your presence and your input are welcome and encouraged. As this video will attest, being “right” is not always all it’s cracked up to be…


what we believe...


We believe God has revealed Himself to man in three distinct persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All three are equally worthy of our worship.


We believe the Father is the living, eternal creator, initiator, and sustainer of the universe, and we believe that, for some strange reason, he still loves and cares for his creation and remains involved even today.


We believe that Jesus is the divine Son of God who, during his earthly ministry, taught us what it means to be holy (set apart) and showed us what humanity, created in God’s image, could be. Most importantly and foundationally, we believe Jesus was the chosen one (the Christ) who created the way to reconcile with our Creator in spite of our sin, and he accomplished this by defeating death.


We believe that the Holy Spirit is, in some mysterious way, God living within us even now. This is a mind-blowing reality that we are still trying to fully understand, but we believe He can provide us guidance, redirect us when we stray, and illuminate some of the mysteries of our reconciled relationship with our Creator.

The Bible

We believe that the Bible is a wondrous library that captures God’s interaction with man through the whole of human experience, past, present, and future. We believe its writers were inspired by God, and therefore provide a precious window into His mind, heart, and will. We cannot vouch for translations and interpretations; we can only seek to explore these songs, poems, narratives, letters, and revelations with an earnest desire to understand the people and world that created them. In so doing, we can come to better know God, which is good because only He knows how best to interpret and apply His word to our lives today.


We believe God created humans for His glory and love – to connect with him in meaningful ways – but we broke that connection by rebelling against him – by choosing our will over his. We call that rebellion sin. That rebellion not only broke our connection with God, but it somehow knocked the world out of kilter. We believe it is possible to repair that broken connection and reverse some of its consequences and that the Holy Spirit prompts us to seek this, but it is impossible to accomplish on our own.


We believe only God’s grace (unmerited favor) and mercy (willingness to forgive) can restore our connection to the divine. God provides access to his grace and mercy when we accept the identity of his Son, Jesus, and choose to align ourselves with him. When we identify our need for restoration, recognize Jesus as the means of that restoration, and demonstrate this new understanding through water baptism, God reconnects us to himself and starts us on the Way of Jesus.


Once our connection to God is restored, we naturally want to know him better and grow more like Him. The Holy Spirit enlightens and guides us through study, prayer, and sincere relationships with other Christ followers. As we come to know God, our growing desire to worship and please Him motivates us to serve Him and his creation, reforms us into the likeness of his Son, and enlists us in his divine plan to restore everything.


We believe that gatherings of Jesus followers are God’s chief instruments for reconciling this world to himself. For this reason, we gather to celebrate, learn, edify, equip, and serve, in an effort to accomplish God’s will on earth. We believe that through these gatherings and the relationships they foster, God impacts the community as a whole and transforms individual lives, thereby bringing glory to himself, restoration to his people, and hope to a weary world.

what we value...


God can handle our questions and doubts – questers trust that the truth will win out


God is a creator who created us to create – questers produce the best stuff 


real faith leads to growth, commitment, action, and invitation – questers embrace risk


Jesus would have us value others over ourselves – questers practice selfless service


we’re called to commune, not consume – questers break bread, not get fed


God put us where we are for a reason – questers bloom where they are planted


walking the Way of Jesus leads to positive life change – questers become more like Jesus


we’re called to make new disciples, groups, leaders, churches – questers equip intentionally