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We meet every Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

at The Mug, 1450 Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, IL



COME AS YOU ARE. There are no perfect people at Quest, so you’ll fit right in. There’s no dress code. Seriously.

At our Sunday gatherings, you’ll find a smile and a handshake. We want you to feel at home, because WE do. We don’t expect you to be “fixed” when you get here because we believe Jesus is the one who fixes us, and we hope you’ll find him here.

Hopefully, this page will give you a realistic impression of what to expect at Quest. It might not be like any church you’ve ever attended, but we think that’s awesome. And we hope you’ll think so too.

If you want to know more about what we believe about God and Jesus and the Bible and whatnot, go here.

Every Sunday you can expect a variety of thoughtful, contemporary worship music. Sometimes music is the primary way we worship, sometimes not. When the music’s playing, you can raise your hands or sit on them, you can sing out or just listen; it’s between you and God.

We desire to create for the Creator. We sing a new song, do a new thing, but maintain a respect for the tradition and teaching of the innumerable believers who have wrestled with the gospel over thousands of years of faith. So you might see some ancient practices, or you might see a video made yesterday. Every Sunday’s a little different so come and be prepared to worship.

Quest is all about community. It’s possible to remain anonymous, but it’s way easier to get connected. We are very intentional about this. This is why we call our Sunday meetings “gatherings.” We think there’s a reason Jesus told us he will be present whenever we are gathered together in his name.

Have a cup o’ Joe and a snack on us. If you don’t get another good cup of coffee all week, you can always get one here. Also, we think there’s a reason the early church would eat together. There’s something connective about sitting around a table. Something holy. So come hungry.

Eucharist. The Lord’s Table. Communion. Whatever you call it, we do it every Sunday. Quest practices what is called “open communion,” that is, if you are a Jesus Follower, you are free to partake. You don’t require absolution, confession, or any special dispensation, just enjoy open fellowship with the vast body of believers who do this all over the world each Sunday.

We call ourselves Quest for a reason. We’re all on a journey, and we’re all at a different place ON that journey, so we’re comfortable with your questions, your doubts, and your struggles. We consider it a core value to be more about dialogue than monologue. We invite you to join a conversation, not hear a lecture. So, we may actually stop what we’re doing and wrestle with a question. We might hold a discussion right in the middle of the gathering. You can be as engaged or as disengaged as you like, but Quest is not a passive endeavor.

The church is not a building you go to or a thing that you do – “the church” is just any gathering of people who follow Jesus. So we’re definitely THAT.

But we definitely teach the Bible at Quest. It may be in a way you haven’t heard before, but we like to be different – to challenge the listener – because we think real faith can only come when you have truly wrestled with your doubts. You don’t have to leave your baggage at the door, but you can leave it here, if you like. Because, we believe the Bible’s message of grace changes lives, lightens burdens, and redeems us one day at a time. We believe Jesus is who he says he is, and we stand on that, without apology.

For more info on what we teach and what we believe, go here.

Quest Kids color logoIn our current location, we aren’t really able to segregate the kids from everybody else, but we actually think that might be a blessing. Sure, Pastor Ed’s message may go over their heads a bit, but at The Mug, the kids can sit with Mom and Dad, or they can sit together and do activities during worship. But, regardless, they’ll be right there with the rest of us. But that’s cool, because at Quest, when we say we’re a church family, we mean it.

Come and join us!